Théo schreibt aus dem Gefängnis einen neuen Brief:

Théo hat seinen Mut im Gefängnis bis jetzt kein bisschen verloren. Er schreibt für all seine Unterstützer einen zweiten Brief, den wir Nachstehend dokumentieren. Leider haben wir noch nicht geschafft ihn auf Deutsch zu übersetzen, werden das aber baldmöglichst für euch erledigen!

“Comrades, I’ve been in prison for a month now. My morale is good, I’m still on hunger strike. I thank you for the support you bring me outside. Time passes slowly. There’s nothing to do here. My political books being censored, the mail that gets to me takes my time. We are two in the cell, it’s going well but I have asked several requests to be alone: getting down day and night in front of the tv doesn’t agree. Especially since it’s hard to focus to write with hanouna and his crew who puking their shit all day long. Since I’ve been on hunger strike, the prison administration doesn’t have me to the right one at all. They’re trying to make me pay this with a lot of little things. The last one being the refusal to give me my coffee (the only thing I consume). The people of the management are really bastards with everyone. They do everything to make people go crazy: canteen refused without reason, selected mail, delayed money payments… everything is done for the prisoners to take their heads between themselves and be divided. It’s a tactics to keep order in their prison. Today, I saw my lawyer. I was only able to contact him very late because all the letters with lawyers were selected. They all arrived at once, with several weeks late. The lawyer told me that I should not have appeal and that I had to apply for an appeal for a sentence, but this withdrawal taking time, I certainly will not be able to make the penalty before the End of this one. If I closed my call, he would have had almost no chance to succeed. In fact, aside from taking money, this lawyer is useless! I’m not amazed at this situation. When you’re a pleb, passing in front of the judge, it’s already to be condemned. The thing would of course have been a lot different if I was a student son of bourges with a french name and not a communist worker with an Arabic name. At the moment, I have no idea when I get out, I don’t know what the state will invent to keep me as long as possible in prison. I only see the struggle as the nearest exit door.”

Freedom for political prisoners! Let’s dare to fight! Let’s dare to defeat!

Theo the ghozi Prisoner No. 69139

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